Rainbow Brat Garden Daddies Book 1 by Stella Shelton


Rainbow Brat  Garden Daddies Book 1  by Stella Shelton

Ddlg Sci-Fi Romance

Pollenverse was a place full of sentient plants and lusty insects,
but there was no place like Pyrus and its Rainbow Town Garden.
Rainbow Brat was a Little, grown from a rare rainbow flower.

Rainbow Brat  Garden Daddies Book 1  by Stella Shelton

she really needed was a good Daddy to make her garden grow. Without
the threat of a heavy hand, she just couldn't behave. It was no
wonder Mother Rain was ready to marry her off to a proper Daddy.

Rainbow meets Rex, she believes that all of her dreams have come
true. He was a handsome Daddy with all the right moves.

what if he didn’t come from a garden at all?

DDlg (DaddyDom/littlegirl) Sci-Fi Pollenverse romance with age play
elements. This is an adaptation of a previously published work on
Kindle Vella in the Garden Daddies series. For chapters in real time,
please follow Garden Daddies on Vella, or follow Stella to see when
the next eBook is due to be released! 18 plus is advised.

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Rainbow Brat  Garden Daddies Book 1  by Stella Shelton

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Shelton is an age play romance author, bratty baby girl, and alien
enthusiast. She started her career writing under a different pen name
in the sci-fi and fantasy romance genre. When she discovered the
world of Daddy Doms, she changed her pen name, and genre, and started
writing under the name Stella Shelton.

she writes some contemporary romance, sci-fi has always been her
bread butter. With beautiful prose, great plots, and plenty of aliens
from other planets, you’re sure to find your next book boyfriend!

play is an often misunderstood kink, and Stella wants to change the
stigma around that. She takes a firm stance against the exploitation of
children, often making donations to SOSA, which is an organization
devoted to stopping online predators. Age play is a safe and
consensual act between adults.

particular kink focuses on the caregiving aspect between a Dom and
Sub. A Daddy Dom is charged with the responsibility of facilitating a
safe space for his Sub to express her Little side. Age regression is
something that occurs in Little Space, where the Sub can revert to a
child-like energy without fear of judgment. Little space can be
anything as simple as sitting with a coloring book, or can be even
more extreme to include things like playing with baby toys, or even

Sub will often have a Little age that they most identify with in
order to feel safe and secure. Subs will often agree to a certain set
of rules, where consequences follow if said rules are broken.
Consequences often include spanking, but it doesn’t have to. It can
be anything from standing in the corner to writing lines.

sexual aspect of the relationship largely depends on the Dom and Sub,
and the rules in which they’ve agreed to abide. Spanking can often
lead to arousal, depending on the Sub and their pain tolerance. This
is when you see the sexual aspect of the relationship take over.
“Daddy” is a term of endearment to describe a specific type of
Dom, who is usually caregiving and gentle.

doesn’t just write nasty sex books, she writes love stories, where
there are trials and tribulations. Her characters often have to
overcome judgment, prejudice, and circumstances beyond their control
to finally come together in the end. Her books are sweet and spicy,
with a little bit of something-something for everyone! You do not
have to be in the lifestyle to enjoy her books.

Give Stella a try, and above all, stay bratty and kinky!

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